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Beautiful Twinks

Reviewed: October 24th, 2017

The successor to Teen Boys World is here. No need to panic.

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For lovers of sites like TBW and EnigmaticBoys, here we have a new site with very similar content as TBW. In fact, so similar, I'd be hard pushed to tell the difference. Maybe these boys are from a parallel universe that TBW once inhabited. That illusive universe where all the boys look so cute, vulnerable and delicate that they could only be Westworld bots and not real in any way whatsoever.

But NASA have managed to find this universe and they present images and videos of these delightful creatures for us to drool over.

If there was ever a site that defined BoyReview, Beautiful Twinks would be the one.

We love big cocks here, but many times the big boys are a bit, well, how do I put this politely? ah - a word just sprung into my head - limp. Amazingly, big or small, short or long, thin or thick, all of the cocks at Beautiful Twinks are raging hard ons. Methinks there might be some horse play going on, but whatever's happening, the results are fantastic.

Very difficult for me to review this site, I've tried about 6 times, but never manage to get through the site without needing some relief. Good that my keyboard is waterproof.

The review is ongoing.....

Updates:Twice a week
No. of Galleries:550
No. of Videos:145 HD/SD
Model ages:18-21
No. of Models:350
- $19.95 for 30 days recurring
- $29.95 for 30 days once off
- $49.95 for 60 days once off

New Faces on Beautiful Twinks: +
Thursday, February 14th: Lash. Don and Zackary
Lash. Don and Zackary
Added Thursday
February 14th 2019
Friday, January 25th: Hans and Amir
Hans and Amir
Added Friday
January 25th 2019
Thursday, January 17th: Amico. Alone
Amico. Alone
Added Thursday
January 17th 2019
Thursday, January 10th: GO! Jadon and Vadim
GO! Jadon and Vadim
Added Thursday
January 10th 2019
Thursday, January 3rd:  Red room. Joshya and Matthew
Red room. Joshya and Matthew
Added Thursday
January 3rd 2019
Thursday, December 27th: Fucktards. Brandon and Vadim
Fucktards. Brandon and Vadim
Added Thursday
December 27th 2018
Thursday, December 20th: New year. Firs meeting.
New year. Firs meeting.
Added Thursday
December 20th 2018
Thursday, December 13th: Winter evening. Amico and Zachary
Winter evening. Amico and Zachary
Added Thursday
December 13th 2018

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