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Reviewed: June 2nd, 2016

HomoErotic presentation of fit young men. Professional photographer emphasizes physique with careful lighting and muscle flexing.

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This is most definitely not a run of the mill site. Here, the emphasis is on body physique and the young mans particular sport or discipline. Beautifully photographed, by a real professional with a great passion. The photographer manages to connect with the men, producing some lovely facial shots where the models appear to be really at ease. Also very careful lighting to almost make 3D photos enhancing the body curves and sculpted muscles. Most of the models strip and manage to enhance their manhoods. Some even shoot a load, although I believe that the main impulse of the site is the models particular sport, and showing off their superb bodies. New photosets are regularly added, and although the photos are available to all at a good quality level, only long-term members can download in zip format. And only long-term members are able to gain access to the largest image formats. Whilst on BoyReview we love the porn, this site makes a hearty break from the rank and file, and brings us truly professional images of magnificent models.

Updates:Twice weekly
No. of Galleries:700
No. of Videos:None SD
Model ages:18-28
No. of Models:560
- $29.00 for 30 days non recurring
- $88.00 for 90 days non recurring

New Faces on FitYoungMen: +
Tuesday, July 18th: Alex Balkus
Alex Balkus
Added Tuesday
July 18th 2017
Friday, July 14th: Albie Wicks
Albie Wicks
Added Friday
July 14th 2017
Sunday, July 9th: Julian Holgate
Julian Holgate
Added Sunday
July 9th 2017
Monday, July 3rd: Travis Clemence
Travis Clemence
Added Monday
July 3rd 2017
Sunday, July 2nd: Tom Higgins
Tom Higgins
Added Sunday
July 2nd 2017
Saturday, July 1st: Finlay Thomas
Finlay Thomas
Added Saturday
July 1st 2017
Monday, June 26th: Morrison Hughes
Morrison Hughes
Added Monday
June 26th 2017
Friday, June 23rd: Connor Wickham
Connor Wickham
Added Friday
June 23rd 2017

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