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About BoyReview

(a word from Kuba, webmaster and site founder)

Because I like looking at erotic male teenagers (18/19), I started signing up to various sites. After a few months, I began to see the same boys over and over again. Was I loosing my head? After careful checking, I found that many of the unique, exclusive boys were recycled from other sites, and that they weren't new at all. As in most areas of life, there are always those who are interested in a subject, and those that are interested in lining their pockets. I sincerely hope boyreview will help you sort the wheat from the chaff, and you can get what you want without having to sign up to a thousand different sites.

Then the other review sites, they are a complete waste of time, not one of them have a bad word for any site. They are just interested in getting commissions for sending visitors to their "reviewed" sites. Time for boyreview - non-biased, fair and playing it by the book. We will not recommend any site that we wouldn't gladly pay for.

Many sites have great front ends, preview pages, but once you sign up as a member, the content is very different. These sites are listed here, and we tell you not to go there.

Twinks, Tweens, and Teens


- any male over the age of 25 who can trim his pubic hair and smile. I dislike TWINKS. They are trying to pretend they are still teens, and basically I classify them as a rip off. Mutton dressed up as lamb. OK, some nice hunks who look and act their age - thats fine, but dressing up 25 year olds in school uniforms is not on for me.


Don't quite know what a tween is, I think its supposed to be something between a twink and a teen, or a twenty-something year old that looks younger. Anyhow, most of the tweens can kiss my hairy ass also.


How many Teen sites have you seen proclaiming barely legal, youngest on the net, then when you see the site, they all have hairy chests. When we say teen, we mean teen, 18 or 19 ONLY. 20 is NOT a teen. OK, a few 16 year olds have hairy chests, but very few need to shave everyday.

Spend your days and nights searching for beauties?

Many of the sites on the net are pure bull, they offer nothing new, nothing that anyone with half a brain couldn't get for free elsewhere. Most of the sites listed here have unique original content, that you will not find anywhere else. You may find some of their pictures elsewhere, but they are not distributed legally and are usually low quality.
We will add reviews of free sites in due course, there are many good quality free sites with unique content that are very worthy of visiting. Rome wasn't built in a day.

Whats the catch

No catch, we don't own, operate, or even know any of the webmasters of the sites listed. Kuba was ripped off many times by false sites. His intention for BoyReview to offer a fair and honest reviews of teenboy sites still stands true today.

Other boy review type sites

Theres no such thing as a free lunch is there? We've taken a good look at many other teen boy link/review sites and ALL of them are warped beyond belief. All sites are great and they don't have a bad word for one of them. Oh dear, what could be wrong?
Well they fall into one of two categories, firstly, they are being run solely to earn commissions on click throughs and sign ups. Basically the best commission payer gets the highest placement on the lists.
The second type of toplist/review sites are owned or operated by webmasters of existing teenboy sites. These just direct traffic to their own sites, making you believe that they are better because they are high up on the lists. A little underhanded to say the least, but business is business.

See for yourself

Proof of the pudding. Take any review/toplist site for teenboy sites. You can see for yourself that each and every site they list will be recommended to sign up to. They really don't care whats on the site in the members area, they just want you to go there and sign up. Another test, see if they list for example AboysTouch - this site pays a low commission, so other review/top lists don't list this site. Ok, its not great, but it does have fresh content updated regularly. Plus its been in business a long time.
BoyReview lists sites completely regardless of commissions. Any money made from any commissions goes to paying for the BoyReview servers. So if you do sign up with any site, after clicking on a link from here, chances are that part of your membership fee will be going towards more and better content for this site.
Most of the webmasters of other toplists are just interested in money. They put the sites that earn them the biggest commissions at the top of their lists. We make our money with a different business, nothing to do with this site and nothing to do with any of the webmasters of any of the sites listed.

Do let us know!

If you come across any of the sites we've reviewed, and find any hidden scams or things to avoid, use the feedback link to let us know all about it.
So go on, enjoy yourself, we really do hope this site benefits you, and that we can lead you away from the scams and con artists that plague the internet.

BoyReview Team
Kuba, Matias, Rene, Stathis and Vince.